On the shores of Arabian Sea

Well I must say, was waiting for this trek, like from an year, its one of the most beautiful trekk where you can really rejuvenate yourself.The entire trekk was on the shores of Arabian sea and its just an magnificent view of the blue sea all the time.

The starting point of the trekk is a place called Agnashini (actually it’s name of river), you can reach this place by catching bus from Kumata(it’s approximately 35km from kumata bustand).View of the entire ocean from this place is really breath taking,From agnashini we need to catch a boat to cross across the other shore which is a fishing port called Thadadi its a very famous port in southern Karnataka.It was almost 10 clock in the morning when we reached this place and was searching for hotels nearby to have our breakfast hardly we could find any restaurants in this place.

we walked for couple of Kilometers in the Road and after climbing a small cliff we could finally see Paradise beach. The name itself describes the beauty of this place, it was completely scenic with Arabian sea on the entire stretch and water was damn good and beach was so clean, I can say it’s a best place to stay for couple of days. You can get tender coconuts from localities and this place is completely occupied by Other country citizens.They live in a small huts for a months and spend the entire days just wasting around.

We need to walk on the rocks which is completely stretched across the shores to reach next beach which is HalfMoon beach.It was little tough to walk on the rocks because there were many steep places where you can really slip into the ocean.Our energy was completely down without having breakfast and for God sake we could finally find a restaurant near to Halfmoon beach, It was temporary hut built by localities to provide food for visitors, food was really amazing especially if you love sea food then its one of the best place to have it. We rested in this restaurant for couple of hours many of us played in the water and refreshed themselves and had an awesome meal. And hell yeah we met this local guy who sells the chains and rings which is made up of sea shells and other material. Couple of our friends purchased some chains from him, he was a funny guy whatever we ask he had funny answer in reply for that.

Next beach was famous OM beach of Gokarana, Name is derived because of the shape of this beach, it’s in the shape of Sanksrit word OM.
OM beach is one of the famous tourist beach it was completely filled with tourists ,we could find lot of restaurants in this beach and it is completely commercialized. But still it’s an awesome place to hangout.We walked few kilometers and took roadway and next beach was Kudlu beach and it was almost similar to OM beach and here you can play some water-sport like Water bike ride, speed boat ride etc. It would be great if they start para sailing here because it’s one of the best location to have it.

After an kilometer we could finally reach the Gokarna beach and it’s considered as religious place by Hindhu and also its very near to Gokarna temple, the entire strech of Gokarna beach is magnificent and while climbing down from the cliff we passed accross the small temple where we could get sweetwater pouring all the time from the mountain.From this place we reached Gokarna bustand which is very near to the beach.

But the entire trek is an amazing experience, its almost 10km stretch from Thadadi to Gokarana but its worth trekking.Paradise beach and Halfmoon beach is considered to be virgin beach .


Starting point:Agnashini
Nearest Bustand:Kumata
Distance from Bangalore:~360KM
End point:Gokarna


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