Royal Enfield Diaries

Prologue: It was just one more lousy day at IMT, my exams were coming up, I had no intentions to study and I was just wondering what shall I do!! And then I get a call from my friend Mickey asking for my bike for few days, I said sure you can take my bike but where you travelling to? He said I am not sure but I am planning to make it till kutch, starting from Mysore. I was like wait, hold on a sec! when you planning your trip? He said may be around Christmas time,well it was perfect time for me also, my exams would be getting over and will be back home by then I said even I will be joining your trip and then I opened google maps and figured it out that Mysore to Kutch is approximately 1900KM and it has to be covered within a week, that means we need to cover atleast 500KM per day.I thought this would be crazy if we do it and hell yeah we packed our bags and were ready to ride.


Day 1: Mysore to Hubli (~450KM)

As always at the first day whatever we do, we can’t just start our trip before 12 in the afternoon and so when we finally crossed Mysore city with lot of pit stops to purchase accessories, to have chai and fill up petrol it was almost 1.30 PM and we headed towards Shimoga  which is approximately 250 Km from Mysore, we decided not to take long break in between till we reach Shimoga, In between we stopped near K.R Pate to purchase some medics which we needed for the journey. We reached Shimoga by evening six and were damn hungry so asked localites which is the best hotel in town, we got couple of suggestions finally we went to hotel called Meenakshi, food was really great over there we had paddu, dosa, vada almost we covered the menu and then we headed towards Hubli by 6.45 PM around. The road from shimoga to Harihara is really bad and it was almost getting dark and we had to hit NH4 before it’s too late. Finally we touched NH4 by night 9PM around and we stopped for food in between on a highway itself since we thought we won’t be getting food inside the city at midnight and Finally we made it to Hubli by night 11.45 around and booked some Hotel near bus stop and the day1 task was accomplished.

1 Day 2: Planned  – Hubli to Pune/ Hubli to Mumbai (~550 KM)

But what we did – Hubli to Surat (~ 850 KM, Approx 27Hrs)

By morning 8 we had breakfast from nearby hotel and we started our journey towards kolhapur which is ~250Km and we took couple of breaks for chai and made it to kolhapur by afternoon, where we stopped for Lunch. we stopped at one of the Daaba’s where they make Roti with customized Daal and it was really awesome and worth for money. After having such a heavy meal didn’t feel like riding the bike for sometime so we took half an hour rest and we just thought we were lagging behind our journey and we won’t be able to make it to Mumbai by night. So after that we started immediately and covered approx 150 Km in couple of hours and finally gave break for chai when we found this scooby dooby van shop.


It was almost seven in the evening when we were about to reach Pune and we got stuck with real bad traffic for 10km and we decided to park our bike for sometime near hotel and take rest and let traffic gets clear for sometime. There we had chai, vadapaav, misilpaav, saboodhana vada and yeah our dinner was almost done. By the time when we came out, traffic was also cleared little bit and we started riding towards Mumbai and we did encounter beautiful Tunnels near Kandala ghat,since it was night we missed those amazing views. We again stopped at Lonavala for 10min and it was night 10PM and we were thinking of staying over there for that night and then we decided to reach Mumbai and plan what to do. As soon we were about to enter south Bombay we got caught by police, I was not carrying my original copy of DL and hence Police wanted to make some money and he was not allowing us to go further unless we pay some money. We told him to give us the receipt but he was reluctant to give us the receipt, corrupt assholes finally let us go further once we paid 150 bucks. We finally made it to Mumbai, I took rest in Marine drive for a while and he went to explore Gateway, Taj and finally we were hungry so we had Badiemayya Roll and we were later confused whether to stay in Mumbai for one day or start towards Gujarath, we realized that we need to take western express highway in the morning and it will be full of traffic and it will take lot of time to pass city itself so we finally decided to cross Mumbai that night itself and we asked google please show us the way. And google showed the shortest distance to Gujarath via worli sea link.


We didn’t had single idea also that, two wheeler are not allowed in worli sea link, we had an amazing ride in the sea link and one side is beautiful Mumbai city and the other side is Sea, well it was splendid view and perfect weather and we hit toll and we ask toll guy, how much we need to pay? He says, Sir please park the bike by side, I was like oh shit, now did we do someting? Shall I just increase the accelerator and go ahead or shall I wait? Since it was other state and we didn’t wanted to take risk, so we parked the bike side and Constable came and asked are you guys Idiots? You didn’t know that bikes are not allowed in this road, we said we are tourist and didn’t had single idea also about that, finally argued and he said I dont have recipt, will take you guys to station, we both were damn tired and it was morning 4 AM and it was freaking cold, we thought how about staying at police station for a night we don’t need to book hotel 😉 we said fine sir, take us to station and give us the receipt will come, that police constable freaked out he just wanted us to scare and we didn’t even bother and said yes chalo will go. Finally after 45 mins of argument he left us go by taking 200 bucks and we finally said Bye bye to Mumbai when we crossed the city and we hit some daaba at 5 in the morning where we took power nap till morning 7.


We started towards Surat and it was hell lot of traffic in this NH8 and majority of the vehicles are just transportation trucks and we reached Surat by afternoon 12.30 around we were damn hungry and we googled for the best hotel in surat which servers good Gujarathi thali and finally we went to this Kansar hotel where they serve unlimited Gujju food for 220 bucks per person, trust me it was one of the amazing meal which I had.



After lunch both of us didn’t had little bit of energy also to ride and both were so tired, we just took rest in that restaurant for sometime and we decided not to make it Ahmadabad and take rest at Surat itself for a day, so we found nice hotel near railway station and slept like dead till evening, got up for sometime had dinner again we just crashed and our day was over.

Day 4: Surat to Dhrangadhra (~400KM)

Since Day 3 got wasted just by sleeping for the complete day, I am continuing with Day 4.

We got up early, I meant 8 o’clock, had nice Gujju breakfast Kaman and Locha, it was different, kinda liked it. Later I had to buy engine oil for my bike, so purchased Castrol 20w50 synthetic oil, since I could not find Motul15w50 and filled the engine and yes we were ready to ride again.


We reached Baroda in couple of hours and there is a beautiful expressway built between Baroda and Ahmadabad, we took that route and we went on till we got stopped by Toll, saying that Bikes are not allowed so please turn back. We had to take back route again and catch up with state highway which was fully under construction and we took 5hrs almost to cover this journey which is of 150Km, and finally we made it Ahmadabad by evening 6.30 around and we took Rajkot road and stopped near some daaba for chai. It was getting dark and we thought will ride another 100kms and stop somewhere in between so we spoke to few truck drivers who came over there, they were quiet surprised to see us riding from so far, one of the truck driver gave his number and told us if you run into any problem just call me, I will help you in whichever way I can since have loads of friends in this route, we were glad and we thanked him and started towards Bhuj, the road from Ahmadabad to Bhuj is just amazing, I had not changed my gear for almost 45 mins and we saw couple of “wild asses” crossing the road, yeah wild asses not the one what you guys are thinking about 😛 and we finally crossed a town called Dhrangadhra and stopped in some Daaba, we had awesome dinner over there and I asked Daaba guy can we stay over there for a night, he didn’t even bother and just gave us thick blanket and arranged bed and told us to sleep till whatever time we want.


Day 5: Dhrangadhra to Kutch (~300Km)

We got up at six in the morning, and waited till 7.30 so that temperature will become little better and started towards Bhuj, we had breakfast on the way and made it to Bhuj in the afternoon by 1.30 around and we stopped for lunch, and started towards Kutch, we could see big flex boards of Rann Utsav and we started getting excited since we were only few kms away from our destination. we stopped in one of the village for Chai there we met group of RE ppl who were riding from Bangalore,Pune and Mumbai, we asked there experience in Kutch and it was just a biker’s conversation. We came few kms ahead and then we had to stop for permit, there were lot of tourists so we wasted almost 45 mins to get the permission, you need to carry one original address proof document with you to get permit and fill the application, and you only get one day permit till night 11. Everyday you need to get new permit if you want to stay longer, here I suggest you guys to try this sweet called mawa (it’s milk cake) tastes damn good. And it’s just 30kms to White desert from this checkpost. We reached the desert and Rann Utsav was going on so we could also visit Tent city where you can stay in lavish Tents put up in between the desert but it is too expensive and over hyped, it will cost you 5k minimum per person for a overnight stay. Just after the Tent city you can go little further and there you see, Rann of Kutch, it’s marvelous and we both were so happy to make it till here finally 🙂



We met couple of bikers from Mumbai and we were figuring out for our night stay, they thankfully gave one of the localite number who gives accommodation at his home for 1k per night, we happily took his number and called him up for place and we got lucky we got nice accommodation. If you want to experience the complete village life I suggest you to stay at his place, here is the contact details (Alabhai 9428031003, Nileshbhai 9408051090).




The village is 17km away from White desert, it is just a matter of 15mins for us, so we did not mind. And this is how it looks


We spent till night 10 at Rann festival and finally headed towards his place for night stay and we planned to visit again in the morning for sun rise.

Day 6: Kutch again

It was damn freezing cold when we were riding towards the desert, those 17kms felt like 170 kms and 15 mins felt like 15hrs, even 3 jackets were not enough, and I was thinking why are we really going for sunrise, but trust me it really paid off when we saw the sun just rising above the horizon, far across those lands, crystal clear the dark was just hiding away and light was piercing the fog and desert was just looking so pristine and I was just indeed spellbound watching this amazing sunrise and it was truly experiential.


We spent few hours in desert, talking to BSF soldiers asking their experience, about history of this salt lake, and how Modi really promoted this place from nothing to one of the famous tourist spot in few years. We got back to the village, packed our bags and started back towards Bhuj, where we finally ended our bike journey and parceled my bike via Gati, back to Bangalore.


Here I am sitting in front of laptop, back at hostel thinking about those 6 days of bike ride, sharing my experience with friends, remembering those roads, daabas, people, truck drivers and finally my bike and thinking of  what we thought was just a crazy idea to ride only both of us from Mysore to Kutch, and finally we made it to Rann of Kutch, one hell of a place to visit and if you are a biker, never miss this place.



Gear up for Chadar Frozen Lake Trek

Chadar frozen river is a place you must visit if you are passionate about trekking,it is so amazing that you can actually walk on a frozen river and reach a village which is accessible only once in a year. You may have seen these places on National Geographic and Discovery channels where only experts would go and explain about it. It will be fascinating when you plan your own trek to reach the place where you get an opportunity to see the streams which are actually frozen, try to find a path and make a safer route where the ice layer is more stable, feel the excitement of -10 C throughout the trek, feel the pristine beauty of nature, enjoy the serenity of blue water and watch the sky at night looking at the amazing view of the stars, so indeed this exploratory trip would be a milestone to add it into your experience.


Well let’s come to the factual part, all that excitement which I explained before will be a nightmare if you don’t plan this trip well. Let me tell you the things which are required to carry first, as I said earlier the average temperature would be -10 C in the day and in the night it will reach to -25 C, so clothing is the first thing, get two pairs of thermal both upper and lower level, you need to cover your feet with least 2 pairs of woolen socks and you need to have water proof shoes I think forclaze 500 would be sufficient, apart from that you need to carry a wind cheater, 4 pairs of full sleeves T-shirts, woolen Jacket and one more water proof jacket for safer side. Also water proof gloves is must, In the night it would be pitch dark so you need to carry a torch and keep extra reserves of batteries, carry a lighter and Swiss knife which would be handy and most importantly you need cramp ons for your shoes and need to carry pair of trekking sticks.


Well after explaining all these things now we have two options to go for this trek, either select the organization which will plan everything for you from (leh to leh) or assemble your own group and ready to explore. I would rather choose the second one because it would be more exciting but we need to carry the burden like carrying the foods and tents, but this can be managed by hiring  localites who can carry all these stuff for us and also help us to prepare the food. This trek approximately needs 8-10 days to complete but it depends on weather conditions and also on the ability of individuals. The best time to visit this place would be during Jan end to Feb because river would be frozen to its fullest. The end point of this trek would be to reach to village Zanskar which is a Buddhist village and also the Chadar river route is used for ancient trading and travel purpose.


I may be telling you all about Chadar, even though I haven’t gone to this place till now. The above information is collected from the internet and listening to the stories of my friends who actually visited this place.  First thing which I need is to form the right group and assemble the trekkers who are enthusiastic about this trek. If there is any problem among the group then this trek would fail miserably because there are possibilities that group may split in between so basic thing to do is form a perfect group of like minded people. Second thing is to keep our physical stamina well, in the temperature below 0 C, I suggest you to take dimox tablet which would help us to expand our breath taking capacity and it won’t be of any harm also we should keep considering the fact of acclimatization which is one more crucial thing for this trek, because without proper acclimatization of 3 to 4 days people may get hit by AMS which could be severe in some cases.


I think have covered more of the facts about this trip and would be helpful for those who are planning to go for this trek. Well guys if you still need more information about this trek please feel free to contact me and I can suggest you accordingly.  I am not an expert but I have gone for couple of Himalayan treks and explored many of the places in Western Ghats of Karnataka and Kerala.

Roopkund Trek

Day 1 (Kathgodam – Lohajung)

Total Distance covered: ~250 km
Approximate Time: 10-12Hrs
Transport through Cab or Bus

Ranikat express from old Delhi station arrives to Kathgodam around 0500Hrs.  We assembled outside the station and 4 cabs were arranged for us, we started our journey approximately around 0600Hrs towards Lohajung.  Our cab driver name was Pappu Mishra, a nice fellow, he started explaining all the specialisms of the places on the way, It was very good experience talking to him and understanding about their confined beliefs and festivals. Image Breakfast point: At Restaurant near Saledi.  I tried puri and sabji, it was damn good, even Aloo paratha will be good here. Image On the way we stopped to grab some fruits, it was damn good (Aprioct,peeches  and other indigenous fruits).Image For lunch we stopped in a place called Kasoni, it was located just opposite to the tea factory (A tourist attraction). After having food we started our journey towards Lohajung and reached a placed called Deval around 1600Hrs, which is the last town where you can get all the basic necessities for trek and after that you will not be getting any outlets to purchase. So if you have forgotten anything I insist you to purchase here, and here we made payment for our cab, it costed 4600/- per cab from Kathgodam to Lohajung. And finally after lot of stops in between our cab was the last to reach Lohajung base camp. It’s a small village located at 7600feet and you can feel the cold as soon the sun sets, so better be ready with your jackets and caps. Image Tea and snacks were arranged for us, after that IndiaHikes team allocated Rooms for everyone and then we assembled for dinner in the night, Indiahikes team explained the rules of the trek and collected the required information from everyone, after that we dispersed for dinner. Do’s and Don’ts for the day:

  1. Do not sit at the backend of the cab, definitely you are going to puke.
  2. If you want to use restroom better use it in Railway station.
  3. If you do not want to take Cab facility from Kathgodam, there is a direct bus to Lohajung from Delhi starting from Anand Vihar Bus station in the night. It will reach Lohajung in the next day evening.

Day 2 (Lohajung – Didina)

Total Distance: ~12 km
Difficult: Easy, Little difficult in the end.
Altitude: 8050 ft

Image We got up early in the morning 0545Hrs for Bed chai, an hour time was given to get ready and assemble with our bags. We had our breakfast at 0730Hrs. There were 28 members in our group and we were divided into four groups, All the members were given a pack of snacks which includes a biscuit packet and couple of choclates. It was 0830Hrs when we started our trek, initial route was easy it’s descending slope for about half an hour then we had small break near the water stream. After that trail was flat for an hour we had few small breaks in between, there are lot of water streams available in today’s trail, there are many small houses on the way where people do farming and finally we had 15min break near the Iron bridge were we had our snacks. Image The actual trek starts from here, there are nearly 40 hairpin bends which you need to cover to reach next camp site. It takes nearly hour and half to complete the climb and then you can see the small huts at the entrance of  the village. If you go little further you can see Indiahikes camp, which is actually a Home stay, it was almost 1330Hrs when we reached this place. They served Rhododendron juice which is made from confined flowers, it was damn good, after that we had our lunch (Rajma Dal) was too delicious. Later everyone went for a sleep and in the evening we explored all the edges of this village. They do cultivate wheat, potatoes, herbal plants and many houses have silk worm cultivation. And also there is one Shop behind your homestay where you can get some chocs, Pepsi ,etc. Tip of the day:

  1. Drink loads of water, you will get dehydrated easily. Carry enough of electoral and glucose.
  2. Please wear cap to avoid dehydration.
  3. Charge your batteries, this is the last place where you can charge all your batteries. And you will get idea and BSNL networks.

Day 3 (Didina – Bedni)

Total Distance: ~13 km
Difficult: Tough initially, moderate near the end.
Altitude: 11400 feet

It was early in the morning 0530Hrs when we got bed chai today, everyone followed the same routine and got our back pack ready by 0730Hrs and started to trek after having nice breakfast. We were instructed that there would not be enough water sources further hence I packed 2 lts of water from the camp. The initial part of the trek is very difficult you need to climb vertical oak forest, it’s about 4km but you will not get dehydrated since sun rays can’t pierce the dense forest. I took lot of small breaks in between and finally reached Ali bugyal around 1130Hrs, the first view of Open meadows after the tough trek makes you so happy that you just feel like screaming aloud. From this place you can see the amazing view of Mt Trishul and Mt Nandi Kumta, it just takes your breath away when you see it for the  first time. We reached this place very early hence we were supposed to wait for the rest of the team to join.It took nearly 1 hour extra time for them to reach this place and we started to follow our trail once all people grouped together. It was a flat trail which you need to walk for an hour and half, since sun was at its best position of the day you will feel very tiresome while walking, all our bottles became empty and still we need to walk for an hour to reach camp site.  There is a small temple located on the way and Indiahikes people will serve you lemon juice at this place and it was so good that everybody felt like having 2 or more glasses but they did not had enough supply, hence everybody restricted to only one glass. We took 15 min rest at this place and next trail was small hill where trail was in Z shape, it took great effort for us to cross this small hill. Once you are on the top and just walk for few minutes you can see our next camp site that is Bedni Bugyal (The best camp site of the trek).It was almost 1530Hrs when we reached this place we just had our food and everybody slept for a while. In the evening they served Onion pakoda with chai, it was just awesome.After that everybody just roamed around, took lot of photos and we had dinner at 1930hrs, we had camp fire later in the night, everybody were just telling their stories and experiences. Tip of the day:

  1. Carry enough of water, there are no water sources in between.
  2. The first half of the trek is very difficult the later part is very easy, so keep your energy for the first half of the day.

Day 4 ( Bedni –Patar Nachuni- Bhagwabasa)

Total Distance: ~15KM
Difficulty level: Easy in the first half, Difficult in the second part.
Altitude: 14100 feet

We started our trek 0800Hrs in the morning, till Patar Nachuni it’s a flat trial just enjoy the sheer beauty of the nature. It was 1100Hrs when we reached this place, we just had Rasna and took small break. After sometime they prepared lunch in this camp, Egg burgi was just awesome I had more than 2 plates. Our Trek lead informed that from this point it would be very steep climb, Muels will not reach next camp site hence dump all your extra luggage and just pack whatever is necessary. I just cleared 2 kgs of weight from my bag and it was so relaxing to carry this light bag. Patar Nachuni is located at 13000 feet and just next to this camp site there is a small shop where you can grab some chocolates if you need it. You can just see the terrific climb you are going to climb from this camp site and everybody just geared up .  It took 3hrs to reach top of this mountain and there is Kalu vinayak temple which is located at the top. Snow just starts from this place, you can witness the most beautiful snowcapped mountains from all the sides. Trail goes in between the snow, Finally we reached our campsite Bhagwabasa and it was almost evening and temperature was already dropping. I just packed myself with 4 layers of clothes, skull cap and gloves. I just slept inside the camp for a while and later they woke me up for dinner, I just had 2 spoons of kichidi and just noticed the temperature, it was 2 C. Tip of the Day:

  1. Dump your entire extra luggage in Patar Nachuni, just make yourself very light.
  2. Be handy with your panchow and jackets, after crossing kalu vinayak temple, you will really feel damn cold.
  3. Keep your energy for the last part of the trail, carry enough of glucose and chocolates you will easily get tired.

Day 5 ( Bhagwabasa – Roopkund –Reach back to Bedni)

Total Distance: ~25 KM
Difficulty level: Difficult.
Altitude: 15730 feet.

It was early morning 0330Hrs, temperature outside was  -4C, they served me bed chai and told me to assemble outside the camp in half an hour. I had loose stomach and high fever I thought will not make it and just slept back. They gave final call one more time, I just woke up, ate some maggi and took crocin tablet and geared up for the summit.  I just realized, my camp was partially covered with snow, it was 0430Hrs temperature just increased to 0C, I was quiet happy.  They provided Cramp on to put into shoes so that we will not slip in the snow, it was very helpful I think without cramp it’s difficult for anyone to make it to the summit. We were already running out of time and it was 0500Hrs when we finally started our trek. It’s 5 KM steep climb to Roopkund and all the trail is completely covered with 4 feet snow. I took lot of breaks in between and finally made it to Roopkund by 0800Hrs.Well the mystery Roopkund lake was just perfectly like what I imagined, it was completely frozen out there, the view of Himalyan Ranges from Roopkund is just Blissful. I just recovered all my energy as soon I reached the summit, two of our team members also made it to Junargali which is located 500 feet above Roopkund, they told it’s just amazing out there, you can see the other side of mountain ranges, valleys and I just missed it. Everyone took enough photos nearby the lake and it’s time for us to head back to our camp, since snow was already started melting we were in hurry to reach the camp site. We just slided down in snow at one place and that was the best part of the trek, Everyone just enjoyed it and was ready to do one more time . It took nearly 2.5Hrs to reach back Bhagawabasa camp site, they served aloo parata and tea as soon we reached the camp. Everybody just had some kind of cherished smile, because they just accomplished the most difficult part of the trek and made it to the summit. That moment is worth to recall thousands of times. Tip of the day:

  1. Cramp on’s and trekking stick is a must for today’s trek.
  2. Lighten your bag completely, just carry camera if you need.
  3. Make sure that, you have enough clothing!! temperature near the lake will be below 0 C.
  4. Start your trek at the earliest, preferred time is 0400Hrs, so that you can make it Junargali also.

Day 6 (Didina – Wan –Lohajung)

Difficulty level: Easy
Total Distance: ~13 KM

The most relaxing day of the entire trek, it’s just completely climbing down hence we started late around 0900Hrs. The initial part of the trail is just descending down in the Oak forest, you can just enjoy walking in the cool breeze. I did’t took much break, I just ran and reached the bridge where 3 of us took rest for 15 min. Then it was 15 hair pin bends which we need to climb it was just an easy task, there were lot of kids standing on the way, they just talk to you nicely and say “Namasthe” by bowing their head and after that they ask you for chocolates .  I gave it to few kids on the way, later I could see gang of children standing on the way, they were looking at me like they are going to rob me entirely,but my bag was completely empty so I said sorry and started climbing down again. And it was finally 1300Hrs when we reached Village WAN, there I just ordered omlet and pepsi from the local hotel. We waited for rest of the team to arrive, after that Indiahikes team arranged a pickup from WAN to Lohajung camp, literally there does not exist any road but still they drive the jeep like hell but it was just an amazing bumpy ride sitting behind the jeep. Finally we reached Lohajung by 1500Hrs and we were greeted back by Geetha Ma’am and rest of the Indiahikes crew. Everybody just sat for a while, I just met Arjun over here, it was nice experience talking to him he just told he was going on exploratory trek to Srinagar and called if anybody is interested to join his trek, my heart was just beating and I was about raise my hand, but had my flight tickets booked back hence could’t make it. Later in the night we just met next batch people and everyone was sharing their experience with them and finally team dispersed after the dinner. Tip of the day:

  1. Just relax and enjoy your day.

Next day in the morning, we just woke up at 0630Hrs, After breakfast Indiahikes team distributed the certificate of accomplishments to the everyone in our team and it was time for us to abandon the place, just thinking about the great experience we just had everyone dispersed to their vehicles back to Kathgodam railway station hoping we will meet someday in other trek. Finally it was a great experience to trek with complete strangers, people from across the country came together, helped one another, shared their thoughts, experiences and well it was such an amazing experience. Trail Graph and overview of the campsites.

Riding,Biking and RoyalEnfield

The love with this bike began for the first time when Royal Enfield released this model in the year 2009 and finally i could buy this bike last year. The best part of everyday morning is when i start riding this bike to the office, it feels so alluring to hear thunder of this bike.  The only feature which drives you crazy is torque of this bike which is really incredible. Classic 350 is a perfect and well-designed blend of vintage and advanced bike and this design is borrowed from post-world war II era.

Riding is always a passion to me, Well I must say I have plans for riding this bike from KanyaKumari to Kashmir, once in my life will definitely do it. It feels so cherished when you go for a ride, yeah Ride to Kemmanugundi was just an amazing experience. Total distance of 700 Kms and riding in between the ghats of western forest is breathtaking. Top speed which I could reach is 124kph. As I read in other articles if we tune the engine further it could reach 130Kph. Classic 350 is designed with TwinSpark engine to provide better performance . Even though it’s having 19.8Bhp of power I get an average of 35kms fuel efficiency for a liter of petrol.

The single Saddle seat with open spring is really a great comfort and rear gas filled shock absorbers are well suited for off road biking. I could really test these features of bike when I took for Hebbe falls. Literally there exists no road, only way to reach falls is either through 4×4 drive or through trekking, since the way is completely filled with solid rocks, slippery curves and small water streams in between. I could cross all the obstacles and reach the falls finally. And heading back to the top was amazing, I thought it would be a tricky one, but the torque just pushed this beast easily.

By default Classic 350 comes with flat silencer but it also comes with custom silencer which is perfectly suited for off-road biking, the tools which is provided with bike is sophisticated  for changing tires, adjusting mirrors, bolting up the back hydraulic brakes.The classic look of parking light attached to the main head light is an added feature. 14 AH Battery is too sophisticated, Well-lit of this bike could pierce through amidst the fog when I went for a solo ride to coorg. Finally the riding posture, seating arrangement, handling comfort, Zapper tires,Twinspark 350 engine and other features best proves it’s an Riders bike.

World is beautiful, there are thousands of places to explore, countless number of risks to void and several destinations to reach.People always ask me who is your girlfriend I just say it’s my bike, My heart beat always skip whenever I see Royal Enfield on the road. Just empty road, tank full of petrol and my bike is life for me.

Well there are still many more rides to go along with this bike, miles to go before I die, miles to go with my bike. It’s always a passion which drives you crazy and for me it’s always a Royal Enfield.

On the shores of Arabian Sea

Well I must say, was waiting for this trek, like from an year, its one of the most beautiful trekk where you can really rejuvenate yourself.The entire trekk was on the shores of Arabian sea and its just an magnificent view of the blue sea all the time.

The starting point of the trekk is a place called Agnashini (actually it’s name of river), you can reach this place by catching bus from Kumata(it’s approximately 35km from kumata bustand).View of the entire ocean from this place is really breath taking,From agnashini we need to catch a boat to cross across the other shore which is a fishing port called Thadadi its a very famous port in southern Karnataka.It was almost 10 clock in the morning when we reached this place and was searching for hotels nearby to have our breakfast hardly we could find any restaurants in this place.

we walked for couple of Kilometers in the Road and after climbing a small cliff we could finally see Paradise beach. The name itself describes the beauty of this place, it was completely scenic with Arabian sea on the entire stretch and water was damn good and beach was so clean, I can say it’s a best place to stay for couple of days. You can get tender coconuts from localities and this place is completely occupied by Other country citizens.They live in a small huts for a months and spend the entire days just wasting around.

We need to walk on the rocks which is completely stretched across the shores to reach next beach which is HalfMoon beach.It was little tough to walk on the rocks because there were many steep places where you can really slip into the ocean.Our energy was completely down without having breakfast and for God sake we could finally find a restaurant near to Halfmoon beach, It was temporary hut built by localities to provide food for visitors, food was really amazing especially if you love sea food then its one of the best place to have it. We rested in this restaurant for couple of hours many of us played in the water and refreshed themselves and had an awesome meal. And hell yeah we met this local guy who sells the chains and rings which is made up of sea shells and other material. Couple of our friends purchased some chains from him, he was a funny guy whatever we ask he had funny answer in reply for that.

Next beach was famous OM beach of Gokarana, Name is derived because of the shape of this beach, it’s in the shape of Sanksrit word OM.
OM beach is one of the famous tourist beach it was completely filled with tourists ,we could find lot of restaurants in this beach and it is completely commercialized. But still it’s an awesome place to hangout.We walked few kilometers and took roadway and next beach was Kudlu beach and it was almost similar to OM beach and here you can play some water-sport like Water bike ride, speed boat ride etc. It would be great if they start para sailing here because it’s one of the best location to have it.

After an kilometer we could finally reach the Gokarna beach and it’s considered as religious place by Hindhu and also its very near to Gokarna temple, the entire strech of Gokarna beach is magnificent and while climbing down from the cliff we passed accross the small temple where we could get sweetwater pouring all the time from the mountain.From this place we reached Gokarna bustand which is very near to the beach.

But the entire trek is an amazing experience, its almost 10km stretch from Thadadi to Gokarana but its worth trekking.Paradise beach and Halfmoon beach is considered to be virgin beach .


Starting point:Agnashini
Nearest Bustand:Kumata
Distance from Bangalore:~360KM
End point:Gokarna

Road Trip to Kemmanugundi

It was 0900 Hrs in the morning a bright sunny day, Since it was in mid of august and in most of the places it was raining, we expected nature to shower on the way.We started riding towards Hassan which is approximately 110km from Mysore and  reached Hassan around 1230Hrs. Had good meal in suvarna residency hotel and then again we started riding t0wards Chikmaglur.It’s almost 3 hrs journey from Hassan to Chikmaglur  ,we need to go via Belur and finally after giving lot of stops in between we reached Chikmaglur around 1600 Hrs.

Later in the evening we explored the town and we could find one good restaurant near bus-station and had nice dinner and came back to hotel. We thought of getting up early in the morning and start our journey but when we woke up it was already 0900 Hrs. After having breakfast in the morning we started riding towards Kemmanugundi which is ~45 km from Chikmaglur. On the way to Kemmanugundi there is a nice coffee shop where you can really have good coffee and enjoy the awesome view of coffee estate.

We had booking in a resort called Rangers camp nearby kemmanugundi, we reached around 1200Hrs and had delicious food for lunch, later we dumped our luggage in the room and started riding towards Hebbe falls which is ~30 km from the resort and ride was just amazing , it was amidst the fog and thick forest all the way and 5 km towards the falls it was just bumpy ride only Jeeps can reach out, but still we managed to reach towards the end of falls.
Hebbe falls is one of the beautiful falls with water showering from a great height. After playing for an hour in water we started riding back to top and it was almost 0017Hrs and cloud was just started spreading across the location. Then we started towards Z-Point one of the best spot in kemmanugundi, to reach view point we need to walk 2km, where you can explore complete view of chikmaglur. After 15min it started raining so we were forced to come back to our resort. Early in the morning we started back towards mysore through Kadur, Birur,K.R pate and reached Mysore around 0015 Hrs. It’s just an awesome experience to drive 700km in bike. It was just a  “Classic Ride”

More Information :

Distance from Bangalore : ~300 Km.

Road Map : Bangalore,Nelamangala,Hassan,Belur,Chikmaglur,Kemmanugundi

Places to visit :

1. Hebbe falls

2.Kallathgiri falls


4.Rock Garden

Resort : Rangers Camp

Contact info :08261258138 or 9448555633

Trek to Thadiyandmol

Thadiyandamol is approximately 130 kms from mysore.We started our ride in the morning 5.30 around. It’s almost 40kms from mysore and reached Hunsur where we had breakfast in the hotel and continued our journey.First we reached gonikoppa then to virajpet where we need to take diversion to Kakkabe and finally reached  the base of Thadiyandamol .

we started to trek around 10.30 and walked approximately 400 mts . And there were lots of leeches started biting our legs, we carried enough salts to get rid off them.But still few people afraid to walk with us and they returned to the base immediately. Rest of us started trekking again and reached boulder(Huge Rock), it’s a pit stop. The scenic beauty was awesome , clouds just started covering .

We had some chocs and continued our trekk till mid way where we again sat for a while and then we entered small forest area , it was really looking like dense amazon forest .Literally we need to climb some big barricades to go further. It’s just half kilometer and then again we found open area and we were able to see the top.

Towards the peak it’s little bit steep you need to take support of stones to trekk and finally after taking so many stops in the middle we reached the top .It was an amazing experince ,Beauty at it’s best, air was so clear and we really enjoyed it.

I slept in the top for a while and started climbing down around 2.30 PM. One thing we were running out of is water. There is only one place  in Thadiyandamol where you can get water that is near Boulder (Need to take left from there and it will lead us to small water falls).We refuled our bottles and at that time we forgot about leeches , we were literally hit by 5 to 6 leeches it took around 15min to get rid of them.My best buddy had an idea of making maggie over there and we started preparation for that,finally we were successful to put a camp fire and prepared maggie. To be honest that was the best  maggie i ever had in ma life.

It was almost 4’o clock , we started climbing down again and reached  base around 4.30. Started driving back to Mysore ,since we were totally hungry we stopped for food in virajpet.It was almost 5’o clock and got call from sweet home that it is raining heavily in mysore 🙂 we had no choice anyhow we started again.It started raining heavily near muttati forest , we had to cross the checkpost in the heavy rain .We were totally lost in that forest ,except for our vehicle light we were not able to see anysource of light Somehow we cleared the forest area without any difficulty in the rain itself and reached Main road.After Hunsur it started pouring heavily and we drove the vehicle in that rain itself and it was almost 9 PM when I reached my home.I was completely drunched and  was happy that I reached home in the same day.
But it was an awesome experience in my life.

If you are planning for trekking, then better to carry packet of salt to protect yourself from the leeches. And Thadiyandamol is the highest mountain in the coorg and second highest in karnataka.

More information :

Height :1,750 meters or 5742 feet above sea level.

Distance from Bangalore : approximately 250 km

Road map : Bangalore, Mysore ,Virajpet ,Kakkabe,Thadiyandamol.

Trek  Distance : ~6 km to the peak.